Larson Koenig Hendricks Architects creates architecture of character and value with our clients.
We are citizens engaged in our community and designers well established in our profession.

     Our practice centers upon:
Careful rejuvenation and intelligent expansion of existing homes in their neighborhood context.
Thorough programming, comprehensive site analysis and inventive design of new homes.
Creation, expansion or transformation of commercial facilities for private business enterprises.
Consultation, evaluation, planning and design to support the evolution of local civic institutions.

     In every project we endeavor to:
Create architecture which is attractive, functional, durable and affordable.
Listen carefully, organize meticulously, communicate thoroughly and collaborate effectively.
Decipher existing places and structures accurately, and adapt them with respect and ingenuity.
Explore problems creatively and solve them pragmatically.
Design thoughtful projects which engage the affection of their owners and neighbors.

     As architects we share a:
Commitment to thoroughly comprehend and competently fulfill our clients' needs.
Belief in sustainable design and construction as a necessary and integral aspect of our society.
Confidence in the creative fulfillment and productive power of well executed teamwork.
Responsibility to sustain a high standard of ethical professional performance.

Located on Mount Vernon Avenue in Alexandria since our inception in 1998, we enjoy working in
our neighborhood and throughout the intertwined communities of our metropolis.